Hello from the mission field!

Over the past four weeks serving in Cambodia my eyes have been open to the bigger picture of a country that is hurting and in need. The trauma that the nation of Cambodia has endured is catastrophic. Learning about the Khmer Rouge and the genocide that took place here in 1975 to 1979 is like no other evil I have ever learned about. The confusion of why this even happened is still lingering in the air 40 years later. This nation was taken captive in such brutal ways: fathers killed, child soldiers manipulated, family members isolated from each other. There is long lasting trauma with not being able to trust your own people mixed with the unbelievable breakdown of family systems has left this nation under developed. Today the Cambodian people still are unclear of why this happened to them, they are an entire people group struggling to trust and connect. The truth that they are children of God needs to be shared and relationships of trust rebuilt.

Whole Person Health to a Nation

As someone who works with trauma on an individual level, desiring whole person health is my focus and ministry. God is challenging me now, how do we bring whole person health to a nation? The kingdom of God must come! Healthy believers need to move in and live amongst the people. Being here I can already see so clearly how to better prepare our missionary for the sustainable ministry needed in a broken and hurting world.

Prayer Request

  • For Cambodia, that the truth of God’s love be experienced and people feel called to live among these people full-time to love and encourage development.
  • Understanding of how to carry the vision of this ministry God is forming around me.
  • Strength to take one step a time towards wholeness and health in the body of Christ.
  • I will be transition in March back to training up students to become lay councillors back in Salem, OR. Please pray for a easy transition back to the States.

Support Update

I am 50% funded and need to get my support up to 75% by June 1st (ideally to 100% if I can). In the season of the holidays and the New Year a few supporters fell away for various different reasons. I will be thinking ways to do a support campaign later this year – in the meantime, please pray for a release of financial support. Thank you for your continued support and believing in what God is doing in the nations and through our ministry.