I want to take a quick moment to share how awesome our God is.

Things have really picked up pace over here. Lots of relationships building and healing coming. This week has been very heavy emotionally as we work with the topic of sexual abuse. Please be praying for everyone to have clear understand of the damages done and how to walk along side of people who are in the healing process.

Now for how awesome God is.

I was feeling worn out this afternoon and really emotionally drained. If you know me very well then you probably know I have battled turning to food to fill this void in the past. Tonight I went to God and he spoke words of comfort and told me I did not need anymore food tonight. He also assured me he would fill the void for me.

When I arrived at the kitchen for my evening work duties of washing the dishes, I was blessed by a thoughtful surprise. One of the Spanish-speaking students here overheard me talking about liking Christmas music and brought an English CD for me to sing along to while we worked. It was JUST what I needed. My spirit was lifted and the void was filled as I sang along to a Jamaican version of “O Holy Night” while my fellow dishwasher laughed and danced by my side.

To top it off as I walked out the door a different student handed me a Christmas mug with my hot water already poured. I felt so loved my God and the awesome YWAMers here in Chile tonight.

Christmas is coming! God is changing me so much I can’t keep up.

My heart is full.