Chile Update #4

Faith is being sure of what we Hope for and certain of what we do not see.

For many years now I have felt called to a ministry of healing hearts. Something that is not visible but I have seen God do. This past couple weeks has been about bible basics. I have been re-reading many scriptures that most of us have had memorized for years. The thing is it always comes back to bible basics. Jesus died for our sins and our shame. Shame is a feeling that attacks our Identity. Heart and soul ministry deals with battling the lies that shame has lead us to believe about ourselves. These beliefs hold us back from relationship with God the Father. Jesus took care of all this for us at the Cross. Now we need to see and understand that it is finished. Shame has no power over us anymore.

I wanted to share a few stories about how God has been setting people free here in Pichilamu.

I of course will not give names or even the whole story but I am hoping that hearing how God has revealed truth will encourage anyone who reads this to turn to Jesus and let him set you free from shame. The stories are my favorite part of serving alongside God in ministry.

One of Gods daughters grew up in a joined family. Her mother remarried a man who had kids of his own. For years growing up this little girl was lied to by her step sister. This step sister would whisper in her ear, for years, this is not yours. This is not your house, these are not your clothes, and this is not your family. Shame also leads us to want to hid from God. So this woman never told anyone her sister had done this for years of her life. Fast forward to today and all this shame leaves this daughter of God believing she does not belong. No matter how much she is taught that she belongs in God’s family the feelings of shame are very strong. God healed his daughter’s heart!! After bring this all to the light and then to the cross. Jesus showed her that her step sister was lying in one ear but he was speaking truth in the other.

Another daughter of God was forced at a young age to take nude pictures. There is a lot of shame involved in being wrongfully exposed. Again the truth is that this is wrong and should never have happened, but now she had been living her life out of all the shame. Through the tears, she shared how Jesus showed her that her shame was taken care of at the cross. In one of the pictures this girl was forced to stand with her arms stretched out side to side. God healed this heart by giving her a picture of Jesus standing the exact same way on the cross. She did not have to keep carrying all the shame because Jesus carried it all for her.

Another daughter of God had a wrong belief about relationships. She had grown up surrounded by strong dominating women. This girl had made many vows about never being like the women in her family. Over the years the shame of being a strong woman like her family had let a lie find a root in her heart. Then God started to show her that the lie she believed was that women should not choose relationships. God has a way of bringing things into the light. Once the vows had been broken and the truth was understood. God healed her heart by sending her a present that she had specifically chosen. As soon as the new truth sunk in, God sent a friend to deliver the sweater with a note that said, “God wants to give you the desires of your heart, specifically whatever you choose.”

There are many more stories about what God has been doing in people’s lives here.

These are just a few that stood out to me today. In the beginning Adam and Eve knew no shame. They were vulnerable, naked and had nothing to hide. Shame is a feeling that entered the world at the fall. God is a redeemer and he sent his Son to redeem us all. There are three responses to shame, two of which we saw Adam and Eve try in the garden. The first, denial and hiding, and the second, blaming and defensiveness. I believe the third option is the best. We need to bring our shame to the cross. Enter into a conversation with Jesus about what is happening, repent of our sins, accept forgiveness or forgive. For me this trip has been about seeing things differently. I always believed Jesus died for my sins and shame. But I no longer believe. I see.