Hello from Salem!

I am back in Salem Oregon staffing the Foundations of Counseling Ministry School.

We have 20 students and are already half way through the school’s training. Last week was a beautiful opportunity for the students during the teaching on forgiveness and repentance. Students not only gain a biblical under- standing of walking out these principal in their daily lives, but they also had an opportunity to process the deep areas of their own heart, share with the class and receive prayer. Chains were broken off of people and freedom was experienced in many lives. Jesus died for our sins and to carry our wounds.

I am always encouraged when I can see our faith coming alive and being lived out. None of this would be possible without the support of the GoTeam. People are experiencing the truth and the truth is setting them free.

A Housing Prayer

Looking for prayer for more permanent Housing for when I am here in the States. This last year was full of travel and international ministry. In this first year of missions I spent 8 months overseas. It has been a real challenge to know where to live and much money to invest in a place when I am traveling so much. Looking ahead to this next year there will be some travel and finding a home base to return to will bring stability and strength to my future ministry.

Prayer Request

  • Students’ growth and understanding of all the skills and tools we are training them in.
  • New energy to complete my second year of Masters education in whole person health and development.
  • Housing for me when I am in the States.
  • More GoTeam members to join our ministry and that I would hit fully funded.

Support Update

A praise report! Two new people have joined the GoTeam this spring. I am 65% funded and so close to getting my support up to
75% by June 1st. Please join me in praying for $100 more a month to be pledged in the next three weeks. I am praying for individuals who want to get involved in what God is doing in the nations through our ministry.