My Mission

I was made for missions!

My heart is to see people walking in fullness and health, discovering who they really are and the future God has for them. Development thru discipleship and wholeness only found in kingdom living. I know God and I want to make him known in all the nations.

When I was searching for my purpose in life just over 9 years ago God told me I had an Isaiah 61 calling on my life. These 11 scriptures have transformed and guided my choices and decisions ever sense. I believe that out of our calling our ministry comes. My ministry is seeing by faith. Thru teaching, discipleship and prayer people’s eyes can be opened to the truth. What this ministry looks like is coming alongside people and walking with them into fullness with God. People in all different places, facing all sorts of different things.

My strategy is to listen to the call of Jesus, say yes, do hard but good work and trust him with the results. Invest in people and invite people.

My mission is people.