We are headed to Greece!! I will be leading a team of 8 students to Losvos, Greece for a 10-week outreach.

The Foundation of Counseling ministry school has completed the lecture phase and last week we had a time of sharing about what God has done in each of the student’s lives in the past three months. It’s a lot of work staffing an intensive heart-focused school like this, but hearing how lives have been changed, people set free from lies, and wrong beliefs renewed to biblical truth – somehow makes it all worth it. One student said, “I did not know what love was before I came to Salem, I was serving God because it was the right thing to do and I thought that was love. I am learning how to give and receive true love thanks to this school.”

The Island of Lesvos

The Island of Lesvos is a Greek island off the coast of Turkey. It is one of the main Islands refugees flee to to escape war and persecution. The refugee camps are still receiving several hundred new arrivals each week. Volunteers have been serving for many months now and volunteer numbers are low. We believe God is asking us to come alongside the volunteers on this island. offering counseling, debriefing and training to the volunteers.

Prayer Request

  • Unity and good communication for our outreach team as a whole.
  • Safety for myself and the team working in the refugee Camps.
  • Opportunities to share the truth about Jesus and divine appointments to debrief long term volunteers and come alongside what God is doing in this crisis.
  • Personally for renewed strength to lead and balance my masters work while on the front lines of the mission field.

Support Update

I am 65% funded and praying for new ideas to get my support up to 100%. Asking God for 6 new people to join the GOteam with monthly financial support. If you know of anyone interested in getting involved in missions please let me know.

Thank you for your continued support and believing in what God is doing in the nations.